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Posted By Topic: explosive area equipment label

Feb 06 2019 09:14

I do a lot of explosive area recerts and yesterday was asked to look at a very different explosive area.
A store for ammunition. Someone has gone to the trouble of installing EX light fittings some time ago but now an alarm has been installed.
There is no risk of a spark or over heating of equipment causing a problem. Is there any electrical standard for an ammunition store. This building also has a DG store so no risk of the wrong products being stored here.

Feb 06 2019 13:00

I'm not aware of any such Standard.

I believe that there will be no special requirements under ESRs; since an ammo store does not meet the definition of a 'hazardous area - there's no likelihood of an explosive atmosphere.

Feb 06 2019 14:56

Thanks Aleck
Thats what I was thinking but thought id seek further just in case

Feb 07 2019 08:41

Yeah not covered by 60079 series of standards, in fact explosives are specifically excluded.

Only requirements are those of Class 1 controls in HSW (Hazardous Substances) Regulations. No standards referenced there.

Feb 12 2019 10:28

Hi, Ammunition manufacture comes under munitions regulations but it is generally accepted as a Hazardous Dust environment as there are few specific rules other than Military regulations.
Explosives manufacturing and storage has a specific set of regulations. In all cases there is a requirement to limit any possibility of a "Source of ignition" occurring. It is best to discuss this with a competent Hazardous Area equipment supplier.