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Posted By Topic: aircon feed

Feb 06 2019 16:03

Hi there,i am quoting for an aircon unit and need to take the feed from the board as it is rated at 25a.No need for an RCD?

Feb 06 2019 20:20

what does the model of aircon require?

Feb 08 2019 11:43

Hi there,turns out what I am quoting for is an add on cooler for a ducted heating system which draws 38A .What is the maximum current 6mm can handle over a run of around 15m, inside conduit?

Feb 08 2019 16:32

3008 will tell you all you need to know.

Feb 15 2019 12:38

Calculations would say 44A for a flat 6mm 2C+E, in conduit, 15m long, at ambient temp. Obviously you can't get a 44A MCB, so you'd have to fuse it at 40A.

Feb 15 2019 16:50

Michael, your questions suggest you may not be an electrician. If that is the case you'll need to sub the electrical install or to a licensed electrical worker.