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Posted By Topic: Flexible cord length on appliances

Feb 07 2019 20:51

I'm having a bit of trouble getting my head around a few things and just wanted to know if I could get some on-site or pointed in the right direction

A few times I have been asked to replace/extend cords to be longer etc and had been instructed to just make them longer but wanted to make sure what I'm being asked to do is compliant

As an example recently customer had a spa that was too far from the socket outlet, the existing cord was 3m ish and needed to be longer

Now I may be misreading or over thinking but I thought that the maximum allowable length to be classed as appliance wiring was 2.5m and that over this it became classed as installation wiring and should be installed as such

I looked at and 4.3 but I think I'm just having a little bit of an issue interpretating or I'm missing part of what's being said


Feb 07 2019 23:50

Flexible cords on appliances are not installation wiring so nothing in AS/NZS3000:2007 covers them.

They can be as long as required as long as they’re fit for purpose.

Feb 08 2019 06:39

There is some guidance on maximum length (for extension cords) in "3012"

Feb 08 2019 12:35

Right, so it's fine as long as they have a plug on the end there is not really a limit on length

However it's different if you choose to permanently wire it isn't it?

But as long as it's less than 2.5m it remains classed as equipment wiring? According to, (i)(ii) Exception 2

So it's just permanently wired items the 2.5m comes into play, can be longer but if it's longer it gets treated as installation wiring and must be installed as such but if it has a plug end and isn't permanently wired there isn't any set limit as long as it's fit for purpose but should be kept to a minimum practical?

Am I on the right page now?

Feb 08 2019 16:46

The thing you really need to consider is is how many ergs you want out the end of it.

Not much point putting a 10m 1mm flex if your only getting 180v out the end of it, not to mention dangerous.

The longer the cord, the greater the cable size, and sometimes a better solution is simply to install another socket closer.

Feb 08 2019 20:49

"There is some guidance on maximum length (for extension cords) in "3012""

True that, 3012 also has a list of requirements for Portable Socket Outlet Assemblies, amongst those is a maximum length of lead for a PSOA of 2 meters. This has confused a few construction companies who've tried to stipulate an "appliance lead maximum length of 2 meters" on their sites because it's in 3012.

If you are fitting a new lead to a PSOA, please don't be persuaded to fit one longer than 2M, otherwise it fails.

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