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Posted By Topic: C O C

Feb 08 2019 10:08

An old customer has just told me that a COC is good for Ten years and in conjunction with the building code is as good as a warranty for ten years and want's some repairs done free off charge, She say's she has checked with her lawyer who confirms this, any comments. I always thought the COC just stated that the work complied with regs and was safe to connect end of story.

Feb 08 2019 14:27

She's wrong; and so's her lawyer.
A CoC is NOT a guarantee.
It is however a legally binding declaration that the work complies.

CoCs don't have an expiry. We have to kep copies for minimum period, but that does NOT limit their life

On the other hand, Consumer Guarantees Act applies to work done; so it it's broken down due to faulty product or poor workmanship she may have a case.

Feb 08 2019 16:42

A CoC is nothing more than a warrant of fitness, and a picture of a moment in time. As Aleck has stated, its a legal declaration that the work performed has been tested and complies with the relevant regs and standards.

Today !! or the day the work was done.

It says Nothing about it complying tomorrow, if someone has messed with it. That is completely beyond your control.

As Aleck says, there may be a case under the CGA. but that depends entirely on the nature of the work, and what is considered fair and reasonable wear and tear over the time frame in question.

I would say to her, Prove that its your problem before you do anything !

Feb 08 2019 20:53

Best to contact and discuss the issues through email first then go and view the issues in person with a print out of the issues. Don't agree to anything that you won't take responsibility for. Get those things in writing also. Be careful what you say. I had to take a customer to court who refused to pay for work claiming that there were issues with the work when there was none. She was ordered to pay in just one sitting. Having evidence of the discussion through email saves a heap of time and energy should you end up in a small claims court.

Feb 09 2019 00:27

Do you have public liability? If so then get in touch with your broker or insurance company, if not then tell her to fuck off

Feb 09 2019 00:29

Whoops I may have misread the OP, was the work in question done 10 years ago or is she saying that's the limit?

Feb 09 2019 13:00

Her lawyer will be dragging her along as far as she can, more money. Get your facts and any paper work 100% before going anywhere near!

Feb 10 2019 00:37

Totally agree with Linz. My customer also had a lawyer that told her that she did not have to pay me. In his defence he was probably only getting her convoluted side of the story. If you do end up in small claims don't be scared of threats from lawyers, they are not allowed into small claims hearings.