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Posted By Topic: Garage Wiring

Feb 09 2019 10:18

I have a client who wants 2 lights & 2 power points in a single garage close to house just checking if I need to install splitter box in shed or wire direct.

Feb 09 2019 10:42

Are you a nz registered electrician?

Feb 09 2019 10:47

Yes I am

Feb 09 2019 10:54

I think he asked, because I don't know anyone that would call a switchboard a "splitter box".

In any case, for only 2 power points and 2 lights, I would just run a final subcircuit and not bother with a switchboard. So just size it appropriately for the length & voltage drop.

Feb 09 2019 10:54

Just been out of the domestic work for a while but have found out my query on a previous thread.

Feb 09 2019 10:57

That was what we called a outside SWBD 35years ago
Doug good Mighty Waikato Slang haha

Feb 09 2019 10:59

Thanks very much anyway cheers

Feb 09 2019 12:53

Been in the industry 50 years and the NZI splitter box was just that, they called their small 2 and later 3 fuse mini switch boards, Splitter boxes.

Feb 09 2019 13:12

Be careful with your terminology. "Switchboard" is a defined term. If you install a switchboard then additional rules come into play.

For only a handful of points I'd wire it as a final subcircuit. You can still have inline protection in the shed for local isolation and/or to protect a reduction in CSA.

Feb 09 2019 20:40

Eek. Nothing makes you feel your age more than old terminology. I too was taught to call NZI splitter boxes by that name.. (card board box, middle of road....) And if I have to explain that reference just give me another beer...


Feb 09 2019 22:32

Of course it was a splitter box. Then NZI went all modern and replaced the fuses with circuit breakers.

Feb 09 2019 23:30

And even with MCB’s it’s still called a splitter box. The slang term is still in use, particularly with ref to NZI boards in sheds, caravans

Feb 10 2019 00:42

Been in the game less than 10 years and I know what a splitter box is. It's also been talked about in several threads on here before? Don't think it is old terminology or just limited to NZ or Aus.

Feb 10 2019 10:25

a splitter box, how dare he, what about pulling him apart for asking about power points, when they are actually known as double or single outlets, and the term lights, that how you get a ciggarette going, i would be installing battenholders or other options.


Feb 10 2019 10:54

Rarrar/ Kia Ora
Please feel free to call in for a Waikato at the Star Hotel in Kihikihi to discuss this further & you can tear me apart yourself

Feb 10 2019 11:03

I've been looking for "splitter box" in 3000 for hours... you'll have to give me a clause number...?

But hey, that beer looks good for breakfast..

Feb 10 2019 11:04

A bowser is still a petrol pump.

Feb 10 2019 11:13

Hey guys as mentioned earlier Ive been out of the domestic for a while back then we called them power points & lights not sure whats up with the bro anyway Im looking forward to having a beer with my new friend haha

Feb 10 2019 12:06

Common usage is acceptable; and so is slang - except when it it leads to confusion.
If you think a splitter box as a type of switchboard, no problem.
But if using an "unofficial" term leads anyone to think it isn't a switchboard, so that "switchboard" rules don't apply; then chances of getting something wrong increase.

Doug P & mowgli have answered the question; there's NO requirement to have a submain-to-switchboard set up just because you're supplying both sockets & lights. And I fully support Mowgli that adding an overcurrent device at a reduction in CCC doesn't stop it all being one "final subcircuit". Whether the extra device is needed or not is a separate discussion.
So just because there's an enclosure with an overcurent device doesn't necessarily mean it's a switchboard. It becomes a switchboard if it has "circuit protective device" for a "final subciruit" (or a submain); but other protective devices that don't protect the entire subcircuit don't meet that definition. has some special rules for outbuildings; but nothing there forces you to have a switchboard unless the MD is 100A or more

Feb 10 2019 12:18

noemaj, wouldn't mind calling in for a brown powerade... i wasn't having a dig at you, i was having a dig at the others as i still call em splitter boxes power points and lights....

Feb 10 2019 13:22

Thanks for the info guys , Rarrar no problems mate looking forward to catching up for a brown powerade cheers bro

Feb 10 2019 14:09

The vocabulary and nomenclature of Electricians is going to be severely limited if we are only allowed to use words that appear in the standards.

Feb 10 2019 16:48

My bad, I'd never heard of it called a splitter box before and assumed you were overseas or a dodgy builder or something

Feb 10 2019 17:25

Toyoto/ Algud my man if you’re ever in my neck of the woods most welcome to call in for a coldie us sparkie got to hang together like the good ole days brother