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Posted By Topic: Steel conduit / VIR

Feb 17 2019 15:12

Am I right when reading esr 59-

A low voltage or extra-low voltage installation or part installation may be maintained or replaced in all or any of the following ways:
in such a way that the installation or part installation complies with Part 1 or Part 2 of AS/NZS 3000:
in such a way that the installation or part installation is restored to, or maintained in, its original condition:
by complying with all manufacturer’s instructions relating to the fittings used in, or affected by, the maintenance or replacement.

That if you were to extend a VIR circuit it is no longer maintained in its original condition so the circuit would need to be re-wired to comply with as/NZs 3000?

Or is it sufficient to join the tps to the steel conduit circuit (if the existing circuit tests fine) and install a new rcd and Mcb at the switchboard?

I know it is best practice to re-wire but am interested in what the actual requirements are as everyone seems to interpret it differently.

Feb 17 2019 20:07

Good luck finding any VIR in a house that doesn't instantly fall apart when touched.

But if it was me joining on to existing VIR that seemed ok, I would make sure that all the tests are done and recorded somewhere, maybe photo's showing the condition so *should* there be an issue further down the track you can prove what you done was compliant.

Seen you are already replacing protection with RCD's/MCB's for the cost of running a few extra meters of TPS it would make sense to change it out rather than run the risk.