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Posted By Topic: Communal shower

Feb 20 2019 15:22

Portable unit with four times showers/ toilets/ basins for a workplace
Does a workplace class as communal use?
Or can you class as non communal as not for public entry?
Does the light/fan for each shower cubical just have to be ipx5?
Does the whole area hand dryers/ power points / lights/switches/
Have to be ipx5

Feb 20 2019 17:39

"Communal" is not same as "public".
Your example is definitely communal.

Question: obviously it's transportable. Does it have supply via a detachable connection?
If so it also needs to comply with "3001".

Feb 20 2019 17:45

Fixed wired

Feb 22 2019 18:47

1080HD cameras are required in every cubicle hooked up to a Hard drive in managers office which must in turn be situated behind a 2-way mirror.
All as per AS/NZS 3,000,000,678.978

It’s not a very well known document but definitely well worth a read.