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Posted By Topic: Limits of work

Feb 22 2019 20:55

I was looking at the limits of work of different electrical classes on the EWRB website and I was curious as to what voltage electricians can work with. It just says "the installation, connection, or maintenance of conductors used in works or installations" Does this mean an electrician can work on conductor from a house to a transmission line?

Feb 23 2019 07:38

Yes, but the correct term is "service mains" or "Service line", keep in mind that the pole or the pillar that this connects to on the street is the property of the power company, permission to open the pillar or climb the pole is usually required from the power company

Feb 23 2019 08:32

Should have been a bit clearer on my answer,

Installation is the service mains and the specific building such as house, factory.

Works is transmission lines, power lines, typically anything to do with a power company, this may be 400V, 11kv, 33kv or higher.


Feb 23 2019 22:01

An electrician may come across high voltage at industrial sites and within certain equipment. CRT screens and microwave ovens come to mind. I'm not aware of any upper limit placed on electricians for the voltage they with with.

Feb 24 2019 11:37

The microwave and CRT are appliances - so infact may be maintained by someone with EAS registration. There is no voltage limits in the scope as valious voltages may be apparent. For example - a rural property may be fed by by 11 kV service mains. The electrician is within his scope (but probably out side of his competency) to maintain install and connect such lines.