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Posted By Topic: weather vane attracts lightning or not?

Feb 23 2019 07:54

Hi, I want to make a rooster or similar weather vane (maybe alum or iron) and have on roof of house. It will sit on the old TV antenna pole. Is this an issue for lightning at all? Many thanks.

Feb 23 2019 11:23

Would you stand on the roof of your house and hold it during a lighting storm?

Feb 23 2019 11:31

Your susceptibility to lightning strikes depends on the surroundings. There are computer modelling programs to assess the risk but in practice it is a bit of a lottery.
Really, the risk of striking the weather vane is no different to when the pole had a TV antenna on it.

Feb 23 2019 12:09

Section 2 of AS/NZS 1768:2007 Lightning protection will help you define what the risks are in your situation. Section 5 deals with protection of persons and equipment within buildings. But if it's no bigger than a TV aerial then what would be the difference? It's probably safer as you don't have a co-ax cable attached to it and an appliance in your house.

Feb 24 2019 22:11

Thank you for your replies