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Posted By Topic: High Risk Data Base HRDB

Feb 24 2019 10:21

I have noticed a lot of cases now of inspectors not entering their job inspection details into the HRDB.

What should we do about this?


Feb 24 2019 11:40

Talk to the inspector first. If it isnt remedied or continues - Energy Safety would be the next stop.

Feb 25 2019 10:28

ESR 74 F requir5es details of high risk PEW inspected to be lodged to the HRDB within 20 working days. So wait until the 20 WD are up before contacting Worksafe.
ESR 74 H makes failing to lodge a "level 2 penalty" offence.

The other action you can take is to not pay the inspector's invoice until lodged; as until then they have not done what you've contracted them to do; ie to inspect your work i.a.w. ESRs.

Feb 26 2019 12:32

The database search facility is not very good I have entered jobs and then been unable to find them using the search function. Interesting idea that the electrician becomes the policeman ensuring the inspector completes his obligations.

Feb 26 2019 17:54

yes, but it is logical if you look at the overall structure of the system.

It's the installer's job to ensure the work is tested.
It's the installer's job to ensure the work is certified.
And it's the installer's job to ensure that the work is inspected.
Basically the inspector is a subcontractor; no different to the one who digs the ditch for the cables to lie in. Just a bit more specialised.

Actually none of these responsibilities is written that way; the ESRs don't make any individual responsible for these things up until moment of connection to supply. At that point the person-about-to-connect becomes responsible for ensuring that there is a CoC, and - if required - an RoI. And whoever issues the CoC has to know that the testing was done (else the work wasn't done "lawfully").

Mar 01 2019 07:55

My main point was that I have had trouble finding some of my own jobs using the search function on the high risk database. So just because they don't appear doesn't mean they haven't been entered.

Mar 02 2019 15:50

CAN search by inspector name.