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Posted By Topic: Old Copper landline

Mar 04 2019 22:23

Hi guys,

Had a request today to take down an old overhead copper landline - apparently chorus didn’t want to do it & refered the homeowner to an electrician.

Sounds like chorus being slack again to me - surely it’s not an electricians job - it’s my understanding we are not even allowed up the poles.

Customer just wants it snipped from his house & cable tied to the street pole...easy enough but was just wondering from a legal standpoint if I’m even allowed to touch their network -from what internet searches I’ve done it seems it should be chorus & only chorus.

Mar 05 2019 00:15

It was probably a contractor, not Chorus, that said that. Being paid only for the install, not the deinstall.


Mar 05 2019 08:38

Just cut it who cares its Extra low voltage and if the chorus guys don't want to and the house has a new line run either fibre or underground copper .
Just get rid of it if the owner wants it gone easy as they are the ones that pay and if chorus is to lazy or to much political paperwork who cares !

Mar 05 2019 09:36

I was working on two properties side by side, and Chorus was installing the fibre underground. They wouldn't put a ladder onto a brand new pole to disconnect the copper lines, because the pole across the road was red tagged.

I just did it for them while they watched.

Mar 05 2019 11:05

Objection due to a different pole being red-tagged seems excessive.

But there are definite risks, and the "just do it" attitude doesn't work in today's NSW minefield.
Not all Chorus staff/contractors will be trained in pole assessment etc. Just like most sparkies.

The pole may belong to Chorus, or it may be a network pole - they have pole-sharing and access arrangements. But we're NOT allowed to go up either type of pole, no matter how sound it may be, without permission.

Mar 05 2019 21:12

Thanks for the replies - at least my suspicions were confirmed & we are not allowed up the pole.

having said that if it’s easy I’ll probably sort it myself but nice to know where I stand :)