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Posted By Topic: Commercial RCDs

Mar 05 2019 19:03

Commercial installation, multiple RCD's at multiple switchboards.
How often should these be tested, how should they be tested & determined by whom?
I have had a look at 3019 & 3017, 3019 says to be guided by 3017 but they both say to use test button or test equipment.
3019 says 2.8.1 Note 1, period may be set by legislation & Note 2, period may be four years.
Could someone please confirm whether the period & method would be up to the commercial operator & their HS policies or by legislation? Which legislation?
If determined by the operator which standard or legislation would be best for them to take guidance from?

Mar 05 2019 19:50

Have you looked in 3760?

Mar 05 2019 22:14

Have now, Thanks DougP.

Mar 06 2019 08:28

While the trip time test gives "added value"; the most important bit is just making the RCD operate.
Being a fundamentally mechanical device (albeit with electric / electronic trigger circuit), and having very sensitive working parts; they can seize up over time through lack of use.

Regular testing, even if only by push-button, avoids this problem.
Would be appropriate to encourage customers to "press the buttons" every time daylight saving time arrives.