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Posted By Topic: Best place to start a new apprentice with training

Mar 06 2019 08:46

Hey guys just wanting to know where everyone sends there apprentices for the book work and to get all the paper work for signing off stuff.

The last few went through skills and they were well average at best and after 6 months still are hopeless at trying to get him in there system .
So what are the other options i know that ETCO as i am pretty much over dealing with skills as they just don't have a clue anymore


Mar 06 2019 09:13

Doesn't matter where they go for the actual training, Skills is still the ITO. (unless / until the proposed restructuring does away with all ITOs).
The difference is that if you use ETCo-employed apprentices, they, as the employer, have to deal with Skills. Leaving you to worry about the on-job side of things (which the ETCO co-ordinator will assist with to ensure their trainee gets a decent range of experience). And of course you have to pay the rent to ETCo for using their apprentice; and for having them deal with all those pesky employment matters like holiday pay, wages, PAYE, & Mondayitis

Mar 06 2019 14:32

Yay so we are stuck having to use Skills.
I thought that there was another place to go but dam.
Do you know if ETCO will handle all the off job stuff for us so we don't have to deal with skills just do the log book stuff ?
As the new apprentice has already done most of the paperwork due to pre trade course and this seems to have highly confussed our Skills mentor .


Mar 06 2019 16:10

Etco provide two different services
main one is they employ apprentices, and farm them out on secondment to electrical companies.
In which case they deal with Skills, and provide all the PPE, tools, and off-job training.

They also provide off-job training for apprentices employed directly by electrical companies.

Your choice. But yes, Skills will always be part of the mix. Difference is whether it's you or someone else who has to deal with them.