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Posted By Topic: Meter Move to Temp Supply

Mar 06 2019 11:45

We are demolishing a house and building new building on site. (North Canterbury)

It has been suggested to move the meter to a temp supply and then again to the new building rather than disconnecting the power, setting up a temp supply and starting a new connection for the new building.

Apparently normal builders temp supply are under different regulations etc so cannot just have a meter moved into it.

Mainpower (lines co) have told me to instead put a regular meter board on a 'structure' (small shed etc) and a circuit board inside and shift the meter to that to use as the temp supply, then to the new building later. Thus saving the disconnection and new connection fees.

What is your experience?

Mar 06 2019 16:06

If the network is happy with that approach; i'd go for it.
And stick with the same retailer as well.
All of which keeps the chance of paperwork glitches down, as well as fees.

Each of the 2 changes will involve alterations to mains & main earthing, so will require inspection. But that way better than dealing with retailer misunderstandings


Mar 06 2019 16:44

Highly unusual to move a meter without replacing it. After it is moved it will have to be recertified.
But if they are offering that as a solution then run with it.

Mar 26 2019 22:35

> What is your experience?

Watched something like this happen a little while back; apologies if any of this is teaching my grandma to suck eggs: At the appointed date and time a chap from Mainpower will come and formally disconnect you at the POS, and hand you disconnection assurance document. You can then do what you like in terms of disconnection and relocation.

When you're ready, make a call, chap from Vircom will come and inspect mains, main earthing system and MEN switchboard, require sight of your CoC for the installation, reinstall revenue meter, and connect to POS, quick test of meter (1KW load), liven up to main switch, and hand it back to you.

All wires to the meter have to be sleeved in correct coloured heatshrink so they are double insulated, and neutral has to be solid crimped (ie not through the meter) with a 4mm tail off to the meter. Neutral screened cable has to be heatshrunked not taped. I don't know if this is normal or just Mainpower.


Mar 27 2019 08:58

'Apparently normal builders temp supply are under different regulations etc so cannot just have a meter moved into it'.

I think regarding this comment you might be talking about a BTS having to comply with the 'electrical installation-construction and demolition sites' standard. You'll need to refer to AS/NZS3012:2010.

I know a lot of sparkys in Christchurch use a Clipsal product as a BTS. It's a beige colour meter box, which ticks all the boxes to comply with 3012, so you don't need to look too much at the standard.

Sounds like the arrangement you're talking about, the icp will stay active/the same throughout the job. The meter will likely be replaced when relocated, but the icp won't change. If a meter has been in service longer than 12 months, it needs to be replaced if it's relocated.

This is my experience from working in Christchurch anyway. Maybe somethings are a bit different in North Canterbury.