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Posted By Topic: Upgrading 3P + N + E socket

Mar 08 2019 09:43

A mate of mine is asking me to replace his old style 3P socket with a new PDL 52 series one.

Upon inspection I see that one of the phase wire colour is yellow, and earth is green.

In the regulation table 3.4 it clearly states that Active conductor can have any insulation colour other than green, yellow, green/yellow, black or light blue. In this case the current installation fails to comply. To make it comply I'd have to run new cables over a 40m length which will cost him a lot more than he is willing to pay for.

What should happen in this instance?


Mar 08 2019 09:51

White sleeving or heatshrink at each end and any other sockets between.

Mar 08 2019 11:00

if you're just replacing existing sockets, you are not installing cable; so that colour ID rule does not apply.
However under the 2018 edition, sleeving as suggested is a good idea; and will become mandatory when working on terminations of existing cables once the new edition is cited.

Note the green also needs changing to G/Y

Mar 11 2019 22:55

The rules arent retrospective. If it complied with the rules under which it was installed, and you're not changing it, it still complies now!

And changing fittings on the end of the cable doesnt trigger the newer colour code rules.

Mar 12 2019 08:46

True the rules are seldom retrospective.
But when the new edition of 3000" is cited, sleeving (i.a.w current rules) will be required when making a new connection to an existing cable.

Technically this might not apply to a straight replacement of a socket on an existing cable; but sleeving would still be good practice.