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Posted By Topic: NZ Electrician moving to Western Australia

Mar 11 2019 20:07

Can anyone please advise me on how it works, is nz registration recognised, or what is the story with getting it recognised ?

Thanks in advance.

Mar 12 2019 09:24

I have a WA registration I haven't yet used, from memory the process was fairly simple. They have a 5 year practising licence, but you have to do an LV rescue/CPR course every year before you can do any work.

Mar 12 2019 12:47

Just apply. No first aid required in WA. It is required in some other states though. All the information is in the link.
One bit that’s different here is you cannot work for yourself unless you have a contractor license.

Mar 12 2019 19:15

Thanks for the response guys.

I recently done a first aid refresher through St John. Im just hoping it's recognize there.

Please correct me if im wrong. is this the application form that i have to fill out?

Mar 13 2019 00:53

Yes that would be the form. Don’t worry about the first aid. Not a requirement in WA for your electrical license. Only required by some companies If they don’t like what you have from NZ they pay for you to do it again.