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Posted By Topic: Install an instant electric hot water in shower?

Mar 11 2019 20:31

Is it prohibited to install an instant electric hot water shower unit IN the shower?

I have seen them installed overseas (normally mounted next to the shower head) but looking at the standards "Installation of electrical equipment in Zone 0 must be IPX7 and no switches or socket outlets installed." I will need to hardwired the unit?

Can someone please confirm am I reading the standards right?

URL Link similar unit but not the exact brand/model

Mar 11 2019 22:02

Because it's not zone 0, it's zone 1. Zone 0 is below the waterline.

Zone 1 only requires IPX4


Apr 17 2019 09:11

These are installed inside shower enclosures in Germany and France, but don't seem common in NZ.
I took the cover off one (as sparkys do) and was not impressed; the sealing was not really 'waterproof' and the exposed push-on terminals inside were green and corroded.
I would not install one inside a shower even if the regs allow it.


Apr 18 2019 12:47

They’re not that common in NZ. I think maximum demand limits their use especially in domestic situations.

I’ve installed a few units. One was in a small bedroom above a commercial business.

From memory I think I ran a dedicated 6 or 10 mm2 2 c + E TPS from the MSB on a c32a RCBO. Some of them have big elements.

They do look off putting (why would you install something like this in a shower unit) but they are safe as long as it’s installed as per instructions.