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Posted By Topic: WoEF's

Mar 12 2019 12:09

A couple of years back the change was made to CoC's that they were no longer numbered, and the companies could create their own, and do it electronically. I see that RoI's are the same.
How far does this extend, can a company also make their own WoEF forms?

Mar 12 2019 13:23

No. see ESR 2010 regulation 78 (5)

The form has to be approved by WorkSafe or the WOEF design is in a standard.

As there are NO current standards with a WoEF approved design in them, so it comes back to WorkSafe as being the only approved WoEF design.

Mar 12 2019 16:16

Unless the WOEF is for a boat, you may make your own as per 3004

Mar 12 2019 16:36

True that the WoEF form must be either one prescribed by the relevant Standard, or one approved by Worksafe.

But wrong that no current Standard includes a WoEF form:
"3001" has one at C8.
"3004" has one at Appendix D
"6115" doesn't.
There is NO requirement that forms in Standards require Apoproval
So could make own WoEF forms for everything except mobile medical.

There's a catch; because you need not only a form but also a sticker; because ESR 78 (3)(d) requires that "the sticker" be affixed in a prominent place. The design of the sticker has to be approved by Worksafe.

EWRB have a self-carbon duplicate form (which we may presume has been approved), and also has a (numbered) sticker (again, we can presume it's been approved), for which they charge the huge price of just over a dollar a set. Given we have to use an "approved" sticker, and they come as a set; why would anyone faff about getting their own forms done?

The only problem is that the EWRB form includes the words "does not apply to pleasure vessels or mobile medical.
which leaves us theoretically having to make our own forms as per "3004 for boats, and unable to issue any mobile medical WoEFs at all.
OR, apply common sense, and cross out that bit when doing these sorts of WoEF.

Mar 13 2019 12:16

Thanks for that Alec. The reason is that we're making everything electronic, so we complete CoC/ESC's, ROI's, and hopefully now WoEF's on our phones, and they are emailed to the customer and saved to our server, eliminating the need for filing and storing paper documents.