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Posted By Topic: 240v thermostat wiring

Mar 13 2019 20:28

Hi I am a plumber/gas fitter looking for information regarding the legalities for wiring 240v thermostats for gas central heating units.

Would a associated Tradesperson licence cover the running of the cables and associated connections from the boiler to a 240v thermostat?

Is the thermostat classed a part of the boiler unit similar to heat pump units and therefore covered with the install of the boiler or due to the thermostat being 240v still need electrical sign off from an electrician?

Any advice/help greatly appreciated

Mar 14 2019 08:09

An "Associated Tradesperson" PL only covers connection & disconnection of fittings, not installation.
The minimum for that would be "Electrical Installer"
Limits of work for each class of PL are on the EWRB website