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Posted By Topic: RCDs required in industrial sites?

Mar 14 2019 13:53

For an industrial site (non-residential) . I started with AS 3000 and don’t see where we legally need them onsite except for heating cables or where they are at risk of damage.

RCDs shall be installed for additional protection of the following:
(a) Circuits, socket-outlets, lighting points and hand-held equipment as specified in Part 2, Clause 2.6 (Residential installations)
(b) Wiring systems as specified in Part 2, Clause "Where protection of a wiring system is required, in accordance with
Clauses and" Wiring systems near building surfaces If they pass through a structural member, or are fixed in position, within 50 mm from the face of the supporting member to which the lining or roofing material is attached

(c) Electric heating cables as specified in Part 2, Clause 4.10.5.
(d) Electrical equipment, including socket-outlets, installed in damp situations as specified in Part 2, Section 6.
(e) Specific electrical installations as specified in AS/NZS 3001, AS/NZS 3002, AS/NZS 3003, AS/NZS 3004, AS/NZS 3012 and AS/NZS 4249.
3001 - Electrical installations - Transportable structures and vehicles including their site supplies
3002 - Electrical installations - Shows and carnivals
3003 - Electrical installations - Patient areas
3004 - Electrical installations - Marinas and boats - Marinas
3012 - Electrical installations - Construction and demolition sites
4249 - Electrical safety practices - Film, video and television sites

Can anyone enlighten me on where RCDs are legally required in an industrial setting?

Mar 14 2019 14:03

Looks like I missed the second part of 2.6.3.

Additional protection by RCD s with a maximum rated residual current of
30 mA shall be provided for—
(a) final subcircuits supplying socket-outlets where the rated current of
any individual socket-outlet does not exceed 20 A; and
(b) final subcircuits supplying lighting where any portion of the circuit has
a rated current not exceeding 20 A; and
(c) final subcircuits supplying directly connected hand-held electrical
equipment, e.g. hair dryers or tools.
NOTE: The final subcircuits referred to in Item (b) include, without limitation,
those supplying the following equipment:
(a) External lighting installations, such as bollard-type luminaires.
(b) Illuminated signs.
(c) In-ground lighting.
(d) Ground-mounted lighting for the illumination of public features.


Mar 14 2019 15:00

What you're looking for is "other installations". That's "other" as in not residential, which are in is split into [A] & [NZ] sub-clauses, different rules for each country; with NZ currently being just schools. 2018 edition goes further, and while it is not yet cited worth considering following it anyway.

Plus of course all those other RCD requirements you've already found.

Not forgetting the HSW aspects; where by having you install an RCD your customer might be able to meet some of their obligation to provide a safe workplace.