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Posted By Topic: Switchboard in Cleaners Cupboard

Mar 14 2019 14:32


Wanting confirmation on the rules regarding the location of a switchboard.

Can a switchboard be located in a room with a basin/sink? In this particular instance its a cleaners cupboard. See attached pic.

Mar 14 2019 15:08 covers restricted locations for switchboards.

The location in your pic doesn't comp with (c); because
- the area is not "set aside for the purpose", but instead shared with other purposes;
- the swbd isn't at front of cupboard;
- it isn't facing the access;
- there's a good chance the area in front of the switchboard will become obstructed by "extraneous objects" (in fact, for a cleaner's cupboard, it' s more than a good chance, it's guaranteed).

Mar 14 2019 21:00

What's the difference between a cupboard and a room?

Mar 15 2019 08:05

As Aleck outlined you generally can’t put it in a cupboard unless It meets multiple requirements.

You could maybe argue some technicalities but at the end of the day your going to have to try & find an inspector that is happy to sign it off also which I imagine would be very hard/nigh impossible.

I’ve had one flat out refuse to sign it off just because it was in a cupboard even though the standards were met.

Unfortunately there is a lot of difference between a cupboard & a room...otheriwse I could market my house as a 58 bdrm slice of paradise....


Mar 15 2019 09:10

Technically the location of even a main switchboard isn't something an inspector gets a direct say in for a normal installation.
Inspectors deal with "mains work", because that's "high risk PEW". Switchboards aren't high risk. And while the mains might go into the switchboard, that doesn't give leverage to issue a "fail" RoI based on location of swbd.
The high risk work is the installation of the mains & main earthing conductors, and the MEN.

An inspector may advise on other matters, but they can't with-hold RoI based on anything beyond what's classed as being high risk PEW.
ESRs require an RoI to be issued, regardless of whether it says "all OK" or not.
And if the Inspector uses the common "inspection not yet complete" trick, to avoid issuing a "fail", and you're sure you're right; then simply don't pay for the incomplete inspection. Time to find another inspector.

Mar 15 2019 22:06

Based on my assessment of the size of the room using the relative scales of the items in the attached picture that is a room and not a cupboard. Therefore the cupboard rules would not apply but rather the clearances in Without more information I am unable to say if this is compliant.

The original poster should now have sufficient information to make an informed decision.

Mar 16 2019 05:57

Sarmajor, where did you find the definition for a cupboard or room? That is a key part of the question

Mar 16 2019 14:02

If you define cupboard as something to store items in, possibly with shelves, and where you define room as has a man sized door and I can walk in there... then that’s a room. And “cleaners cupboard” is quite often a description of function, not to say it is a cupboard as I defined at the top

My two cents

Mar 16 2019 14:25

If you call it a room instead of a cupboard, then it looks like it just needs to comply with the 0.6m clearance with the door in any position.

Figure 2.16