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Posted By Topic: What are EWRB doing now with renewals?

Mar 14 2019 20:35

I just received an email that the license renewal system is changing again; licenses this year will be shorter to change the end dates.
Does that mean the next competence course will be required sooner also?
I wish they would stop messing with the system!

Mar 14 2019 21:17

same email.... looks like its going to screw us all that are out of town, now who is going to run a comp course for just 1 or 2 people each time.

Mar 14 2019 22:17

Your competency only needs to be current at the time you apply for your license renewal.

So if you do one before this renewal, you won't have to do one before you renew the next time as it will still be within the 2 year period. You'll then have to do one before your renewal 2 years after that.

If your competence course was done less than 2 years before the 1st of April this year, you don't have to do another course before this renewal.

The wording is:
After 2 April 2015, applicants for all classes of practising licence (including the renewal of practising licences) must have completed a Competence Programme within a period of two years immediately before the date of each application.

From here:

Mar 16 2019 11:22

The board are doing this to smooth out the peak application period april - june 30 anlong with competency course requirement.
As from September 2019,your registration date will be set as the anniversary you first registered, hence it might be less than the required two year period running from June 30.This will settle as from your first registration after Sept 2019 to every 2 years, you can still completed a competency course within 24 month period to your registration.

Mar 16 2019 22:11

So, do we still need a current first aid certificate for the duration of the license or just on license renewal date?

Mar 17 2019 05:28

The latter.