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Posted By Topic: International Flex wiring colours

Mar 20 2019 21:51

Hi there

trying to find a good reference table which has the NZ/aus colours for flex cables maybe also showing a few from other countries


Mar 20 2019 23:31

Select and print the chart you want. I did that a couple of years ago last plant I worked in. Too many people making black N and light blue L3.
I came by one flex. grey g/y and 3 unmarked blacks for A’s. A machine from the USA.

http://international flex wiring colors

Mar 24 2019 21:37

Wikipedia is kind of useful:

There's a table in 3000 too, but that only does NZ and European.

Mar 30 2019 16:05

I wish we could all keep 5 core flex colours the same as fixed wiring.
As in Red, White, Blue, Black (Neutral), Green/Yellow.
It's fine that single phase flex's stay the same for your home-owners, as they don't vet them like they do us, as to colour-blindness.
This Brown, Grey, Black nonsense is terrible in low light situations.

Mar 30 2019 20:11

I keep a small torch in a belt pouch at all times now. Saw someone with one in his top coat pocket and thought that's a great idea.