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Posted By Topic: Repairing non compliant wiring (Underground)

Mar 23 2019 20:06

Quick question I could do with your guidance on.

A Customer has managed to damage his underground cable feeding his garage, now i haven't dug anything up yet, but if hes managed to put a spade though it, Its obviously non compliant. Can an existing circuit be repaired but left as is? Im just giving him quote options at the moment and wish to know if a repair is viable or its just start again.

Thanks for you time :)


Mar 23 2019 21:00

how deep is it?

Mar 24 2019 07:42

If it doesn’t comply in terms of depth of burial and or cable protection now then it was never compliant.

If the client got it with a spade and he wasn’t 600mm deep then in most instances it is non compliant.

Nothing in the ESR’s allows non compliant wiring to be in service or remain in service.

You could repair it but you can’t liven it. Not without making a false statement on your ESC.

Mar 24 2019 08:43

ESR 113 governs this: only allowed to remain in service if complied when installed, and still complies with original rules, ans insn't electrically unsafe.

However don't hang everything on 600 mm depth. Under ECP 28 300 mm Cat A needed only 300 mm in non-paved areas, Cat B 500 mm. For non-vehicle paved areas Cat A could be immediately below concrete while Cat B only needed 300 mm.

Mar 24 2019 15:50

"ESR 113 governs this: only allowed to remain in service if complied when installed, and still complies with original rules, and isn't electrically unsafe."

This is a tough one for us that haven't been in the game for very long. And I guess why questions like this and similar are brought up. If we come across something like this, or wiring inside (T&E used for strap wires, earths used for switch wires) I guess we just have to ask the question to someone older 'did this comply once'?


Mar 24 2019 17:22

all the old Electrical Wiring Regulations since 1936 are available on line from this address or from the Legislation website so no excesses saying that you can't find the old Wiring Regulations.

Mar 24 2019 20:44

yeah but identifying when it was done is a different thing Alan....

Mar 30 2019 16:19

This has DIY installation written all over it.
The idea that you bury a 2C+E cable in the ground, shallow enough to be struck by a spade or whatever, suggests just that.
As in the guy (or the former owners) were too tight to hire a digger and bury the cable at the correct depth and use something like conduit or (the better option) direct burial Neutral-Screened.
I would suggest that the whole sub-main cable be ripped out and done again to bring it back into compliance, no way would I even attempt a repair on this.