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Posted By Topic: Earth test

Mar 24 2019 15:38

Hi I have always tested metal lights by running an independent earth wire temporarily from a roll to a long screw driver driven in ground is this correct a sparkly friend says you can run the independent testing lead from the earth bar to check earth continuity
Is either correct

Mar 24 2019 16:58

Independent earth to the screwdriver is for testing polarity.

For an earth continuity test, connect your trailing lead to the earth bar. Section 8 or 3017 had the details.

Mar 24 2019 20:23

Thanks dougp much appreciated 10 years ago when I was apprentice no tradesmen did any tests think I have got it Sussed now would be good if there were simple test procedures to learn

Mar 24 2019 21:53

Not just polarity testing, but you are specifically testing the polarity of the incoming mains.

I agree that testing is poorly taught, and in my experience consists of people saying 'this is my favourite way to do it' without explaining why or what it achieves...

Mar 25 2019 09:18

A lot of multifunction testers also tell you the EC when you do EFLI tests, which helps to kill two birds with one stone.

Mar 25 2019 12:01

Mitchb, yes they do but you dont EFLI test every light.

Tommy, go to earth bar, sometimes u go to the closet power point and use that earth( has to have past testing tho)

Also been in the game about similar time and back in those day the only testing done was when something went bang. Karapiro test they called it i think. Problem is i have had to teach my self how to test, as ZERO testing was done back then. the old she'll be right.


Mar 25 2019 14:54

benben, if your EFLI test passes, your EC by default is ok. If you want to test the individual fittings, I guess you could also go between them with an ohmeter off a ladder to ensure they're of equipotential, and then EC by way of EFLI at the furthest light on the circuit.

Mar 26 2019 10:35

"if your EFLI test passes, your EC by default is ok"

Not necessarily true. Even for the smaller sizes where PEC is same size as active.

It's a generally reasonable assumption; but can't be relied on; as a combination of very low impedance active and excessive impedance PEC can add up to a "compliant" EFLI.
So earth continuity should be measured individually for every point required to be earthed; then in addition EFLI should be measured for non-RCD sockets

Mar 27 2019 18:45

Comparing phase-neutral and phase-earth values mostly guards against that, though.

The main issue is checking for earth-neutral transpositions, at least in non-residential where RCDs aren't fitted.

Mar 29 2019 09:55

True we are alowed to use alternative test metyhods; but they have to be no less reliable than the ones in "3017".
"mostly guards against that" doesn't meet that criterion.

May 22 2019 12:28

Can someone please give a direct link to the test procedure or paste it here?

May 22 2019 20:59

Some good testing videos on utube

May 22 2019 21:30

Northland, go to login with your RealMe id. Then click on the Standards NZ link in the left hand menu. In the "search within subscription" box type 3017. Click go then download a pdf copy.

That's the only way to link to it as it requires a log in.