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Posted By Topic: Earth electrode

Mar 24 2019 16:56

So getting a house ready for inspection and connection to supply, house is fully finished and went to bang earth electrode in, hit rocks house is built on land of a old quarry so rocks everywhere. Can’t get earth electrode down, what are alternatives to the earth electrode for when there’s no way of getting a electrode down the required depth?

Mar 24 2019 17:00

A buried strip earth. Details in section 5.

Mar 24 2019 21:48

Could also use reinforcing in a concrete foundation, provided there's no non-conductive vapour barrier.

Mar 25 2019 09:19

As stated, buried strip earth, these are par-for-course in areas with a lot of volcanic rock e.g. Mt Eden

Mar 25 2019 10:28

As a related question..
How many of you guys test earth electrodes you install?

Mar 25 2019 10:34

From my over 50 years in the electrical trade, and this includes about 30 years of design work for a major telecoummications company, in all loctions within New Zealand and some ovewrseas locations too, the use of a horizontal strip electrode is considerably better that a vertically driven rod.

The lenght and depth of the horizontal electrode contained in AS/NZS 3000 section 5 works well in a wide range of locations and will suit most applications.

Mar 25 2019 12:25

There is no mandated test for an earth electrodes connection to the mass of earth in the ESR’s or AS/NZS3000:2007.
And there is no mandated minimum resistance result to aim for.

Networks have rules for their earthing in works but that should not concern the average electrician dong Installations.