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Posted By Topic: Quick release lead or similar

Mar 25 2019 09:19

Hi does anyone know of a quick release or break free lead. I have a customer who has a machine they wheel between 2 rooms but sometimes they forget to unplug the lead. It needs to be a 4 core plug only 8a max so no big load.just wondering if anyone has had this problem before and how it was solved.

Mar 25 2019 19:38

I believe the fire service do something like this with the fire engines.
They are always plugged in when at the station, they are often in a hurry so quite a high chance of someone forgetting to pull the plug out before they drive off.
I haven’t seen it for a few years I can’t remember how but I’m sure if you check out your local fire station they would let you take a look ?

Mar 26 2019 12:39

Try Bremca, can recall Brrmca Otago having a display of the type used on Fire Engines

Mar 26 2019 16:20

Thanks Fuel1 it appears Bremca have a brand called Marechal which auto releases when pulled so I'm just waiting on pricing now.

Mar 26 2019 19:35

Marachel from my memory is extremly expensive. Mcdonalds use them for their kitchen equipment

Mar 26 2019 21:24

Mennekes amongst others make IEC 60309 connectors as a panel mount inlets, which have no latch for the flap on the cable connector, and these will unmate with a tug of the cable.

The 16A 5 pin 3 phase unit is part number 853, EAN 4015394180623 which any Mennekes stockist should be able to order in.

Mar 27 2019 22:47

"Marachel from my memory is extremly expensive. Mcdonalds use them for their kitchen equipment"

Your memory is good on both counts, though eye wateringly expensive might describe the price better :) may need to sit down and drink warm fluids to prevent shock setting in

Mar 28 2019 23:24

Those Marachel things look both weird and impressive, not come across them before. They also don't appear to be listed in, so I'd guess that a Part 1, CD situation required.

I'd just point out that the IEC 60309 inlet I linked to is "in the list", and cheap...