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Posted By Topic: Is xlpe considered armoured?

Mar 28 2019 18:37

If xlpe is buried direct is that a category a or b system?


Mar 28 2019 19:04

Cat B, it requires additional mechanical protection such as mag slab.

Mar 28 2019 20:02

Not unless it is a steel wire armoured cable.
XLPE is just an acronym for cross linked polyethyline which is used in most multi core cables 16mm and up. XLPE is not suitable for use in situations where it is exposed to UV. I have seen many meter boxes where the XLPE insulation is just waiting for the unsuspecting meter changer to disturb it so it can all fall off.

Most XLPE multicore cables are XLPE/PVC. SO XLPE for the primary insulation and a PVC sheath to bind it all together and keep the elements from directly interacting with the insulation.

Mar 29 2019 21:30

Underground rated XLPE neutral screen would be a type A system, buried direct (given soil/sand considerations etc).

But XLPE on its own doesn't give you any major advantages except 90C instead of 75.