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Posted By Topic: Re livening Installations

Mar 29 2019 20:57

Interesting situation today. I was involved with helping our local network company restore power to individual customers properties, following a fault where HV lines came in contact with LV lines, exposing the installations to HV. As a result some customers electronics etc have been damaged, bit of a mess really.

We approached the job by isolating the customers properties at the pole fuse, then livening the transformers, and finally re livening the individual customers one at a time.

I was a bit unsure of where exactly to go with regards to certifying or verifying the individual installations? ESC didn't seem right, as there was no PEW done in order to restore power, only reinstating fuses. Referring to AS/NZS3019 seemed to be the most applicable standard, and completing a COV. However, I can only find this standard mentioned in ESR74, regarding reinstating power when disconnected for longer than 6 months, so doesn't really apply to this situation. I can't really find any regulation that seems applicable?

Has anyone come across something similar, or have any thoughts.


Mar 30 2019 15:56

Gidday Nick,
Having worked for a network company in the past, I can understand your confusion.
Personally, I would think a COV would be sufficient.
That must have been a nasty sort of job, I've seen it where some drunken idiot takes out a pole carrying 11kV over 400V, I was always under the impression that with this arrangement, the LV conductors would need to be insulated, this apparently not the case.


Mar 30 2019 21:06

Yeah. It sounds like a 66kv line fell on to an 11kv line. Caused a right royal mess. Cheers for the feedback, much appreciated.

Apr 01 2019 08:58

Yes 3019 is the appropriate Standard; just a visual check i.a.w. Section 3; same as for installations disconnected 6 month or more.

Not because any Reg says you must, but just to ensure that the overvoltage hasn't done more than fry some electronics in plug-in appliances.


Apr 10 2019 07:37

The company I work for work as the electrical contractor to the local network company. We deal with a lot of these lines clashes, and we approach them as listed above - section 3 of 3019, and if any damage is detected, move on to limited testing as per section 4.