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Posted By Topic: The Old Chestnut RCD Question

Mar 30 2019 16:10

Installing new dedicated circuit out to a residential waste water system out in the section.

The waste water unit is totally enclosed with a tool necessary to get access to the control gear. Power connection is made to a double outlet with in the enclosure where pump and control unit plug in.

Does the circuit out to this unit need to be RCD protected?

Mar 30 2019 16:17

Two key words. Residential and Outlet. I understand it will be compulsory on all subcircuts in residential in the near future.

Mar 30 2019 16:21

It's exterior, mate.
It will require an RCD on it.

Mar 30 2019 16:48


Mar 30 2019 20:30

it is fixed wired, i.e. through an isolator or pcu, no socket outlet ???

Mar 31 2019 15:01

Nah its got a double socket outlet in the unit

Apr 01 2019 09:05

It's a final subcircuit, and it supplies a socket outlet. so says RCD; and there's NO Exception that could switch off that requirement.
I just hope it's suitably rated for IP. You can get a lot of condensation inside a wastewater chamber; not to mention the chances of an overflow submersing the plug-socket connection. The point of using a socket is so when the pump fails - and they all do, eventually - the plumber can remove the pump without having to call an electrician.
OR you can use a PCU, to avoid the "cost" of an RCD that will pay for itself the first time moisture tracks in.