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Posted By Topic: Inspecting EV Chargers.

Apr 02 2019 22:36

I work as an inspector, and my boss has recently advised me I'm going to start inspecting 'EV Chargers'.

I've been reading through the 'worksafe guidelines' and trying to get my head around it. I've never installed them, or had any training. Just the typical 'here you go, read this document, and go sign it off'. So I'm not overly impressed with that. There seems to be a lack of training in general for inspectors throughout the industry, when new technology comes along. As we're often not actively involved with installation, you think there'd be some requirement for inspectors to gain a level of competency in what they're required to inspect. However, it just seems to be the way things are.

Anyway, so far as EV chargers go. Why are they required to be inspected anyway? I'm just a bit confused about it. In one part of the 'guidelines' it clearly states, it's not high risk work, then elsewhere in the same document it mentions annual periodic assessment must take place, with the results being recorded on the 'high risk database'. So is inspection actually required here or not? And if so under what directive? I'm confused :/


Apr 03 2019 04:14

In some respects, to me at least, it seems to be an appliance, like a heat-pump is.


Apr 03 2019 08:18

I have installed a few EV chargers. Never got inspected, why would they need to be.

Theres a lot of " here ya go go, figure it out your self" in this industry and when it fails you get the blame even when no training provided.

Apr 03 2019 09:31

The EVC safety guidelines are just that: guidelines.

At some stage I expect they will be backed up by some law, probably via the ESRs. Until then inspection is NOT legally required, and nor is periodic assessment.
The database has been modified to accept entries both for initial inspection and for PA; which indicates that next amendment to ESRs will impose both requirements. Meantime operators of public EV charging have WHS obligations so may well ask for inspection of new and PA of existing.

Inspection is always to the cited Standard(s); and so is PA. ES are working to get detailed guidance for all the required PAs (under ESR 75) included into the relevant Standards. So logically the info an Assessor needs will be in the 2019 version of EVCSGs. Haven't seen any notification that these 2nd-generation EVCSGs have been published; but guidance is guidance so no reason not to follow the draft if you have it. Else use the 1st gen (Nov 2016) documents.

Apr 03 2019 10:31

Right. Yeah the ones I’m looking at are apparently in public areas. Thanks, appreciate the feedback :)

Apr 03 2019 20:29

When the car can be used for grid storage. That would make a diff.


Apr 04 2019 08:40

That technology is already in use in some parts of the world; and will certainly become widespread.

Apr 04 2019 08:53

The IEC have already issued IEC standards to cover the grid-connect power system manufacturer and certification.

The connection technical speciifcation for the connection of the grid-connect inverter to an electrical installation is about to be published.

The grid-connect inverter required is very complex and comes in a number of variations to suit locally available energy sources available. The grid-connect power system is a bi-directional device

typical energy sources are EV, local battery charged by PV, wind turbines and small hydro turbines.