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Posted By Topic: AS/NZS3001

Apr 03 2019 16:18

The current version of AS/NZS3001, 2008, requires overcurrent protection (clause
At what point in time did this requirement come in? I dont find it in the 2001 version so somewhere in the timeframe of 2001 - 2008?

Apr 03 2019 20:18

When 2008 when AS/NZS 3001 was published.

In earlier editions of 3001 the maximum demand was used

In ECP 1 which was before AS/NZS 3001, it was slightly different but the rating of all protective devices (on final sub circuit inside the Connectable installation)shall not exceed the rating of the (supply) cable.


Apr 03 2019 20:21

I am unable to locate a reference for the introduction of mandatory over current protection. But the requirement for over current protection is contained in appendix C of AS/NZS3001:2008 which is the current version and is the standard that WOEF must be issued against.
Older Vans with an NZI type splitter would comply with a 10 amp fuse/MCB for the power and a 5 amp fuse/MCB for lighting.

Apr 04 2019 08:38

Pluto is correct that the installation requirement first appeared in the 2008 edition; although that didn't come into force until 1 April 2010, via citation in ESRs.

As a WoEF requirement; it was in Section 7 of NZS 3019(Int): 2002; which was cited by R 97 after the 2003 Amendment to the 1997 Regulations.

Which means it became a WoEF requirement before it became a requirement for new-builds.