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Posted By Topic: tre-foiling

Apr 05 2019 16:09

Hey guys, looking at tre foiling triple runs of submains.
I have found information about this but none contains info on where the neutral and earth can be located.

Is there any reg that has more info on this.
Much appreciate the help.

Apr 05 2019 16:22

Ask the cable maker for this information and the effect it has on the maxium cable current rating.

There is some limited info in AS/NZS 3008.1.1.

Apr 06 2019 00:34

From memory the N&E are ignored for calculating as if phases are all run at max N is no current. If there is current in the N means less current in some phases. E is only there to carry PSCC to operate protective device. Normally no current flow.

Apr 06 2019 00:57

Appendix D of AS/NZS3008 has limited information about this.
The notes say to position the N so as not to disturb the symmetry of the Trefoils. Best to run your N’s together on one side of the trefoil arrangements. Same for the earths.

Apr 06 2019 20:05
About page 7, shows recommendations for phases in parallel. Ignores neutrals and earths