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Posted By Topic: Bootlace ferrules

Apr 05 2019 20:45

Anyone know what size bootlace ferrules fit 2x 6.0mm wires? Bought a pack of weidmuller "twin entry 6mm" but there's no show of getting 2 in there. Just want to check as minimum order is 100.

Apr 06 2019 00:27

Have you got flex or stranded cable? It may be difficult putting in 2x 6mm building wire in a double 6 mm. But generally 2x 6mm flex should fit a twin bootlace ok. (Personally I see no need to use bootlace on building wire). Only issue is sometimes the insulation on the ferrule may be tight. I think colour is green if my memory is any good. But in saying that I see RS have yellow ones.

Apr 06 2019 14:21

The terminal design makes a big difference. I was making up a banana plug with screw terminal the other day and was shocked to find it had this cavity the screw wound into that sliced the bootlace clean in three with little effort! I have no idea what the design of it is meant to have achieved.

I ended up packing the terminal cavity with chopped up lugs to get a robust join.


Apr 06 2019 16:04

using 6mm appliance wire. ferrules are yellow. insulation is rather thick.

Apr 06 2019 16:06

Not that helpful but I would have thought that what you bought was the right thing, id be taking them back if they dont fit.

Apr 06 2019 16:13

When you say insulation is thick, are you saying it's the insulation stopping the wire going in?


Apr 06 2019 16:17

Removing the yellow ferrule insulation is an option. That'll be easier than shaving the wire insulation for sure.


Apr 06 2019 23:57

evanah has it worked out. You should be able to buy bootlace without insulation. The other option is to use yellow blade or pin lugs. Just check the current ratings of the pin or blade.

Apr 06 2019 23:58

Oops. evanh. Sorry for that