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Posted By Topic: Machine switching - electrical safety

Apr 11 2019 09:22

Hello all,
Have been presented with a very old floor polisher for an electrical safety test.
The machine works well and has passed the usual tests for electrical safety except 2 points.
The switching on/off of the machine is 1 spring loaded switch ( newer machines have a spring loaded button that needs to be activated to allow the main spring loaded switch to be activated, so that's a safety switch to turn the machine "on")
The single phase motor has the capacitor covers screwed into place but also has duct tape to assist the mounting of the capacitor covers wrapped around the motor.
Your thoughts regarding the switching and capacitor covers?

Apr 11 2019 12:11

If the machine never had a dual-action switch, electrical rules don't require it to be changed.

If the tape is additional security, rather than covering / "repairing" damage, it's perfectly OK.


Apr 11 2019 12:31

Thank you AlecK.