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Posted By Topic: emergency stop buttons for workshops

Apr 12 2019 15:26

I work for a company that employs builders and electricians. we recently moved to a new depot and the builders workshop i.e fixed wired 3phase band saw, extractor, spider saw etc was moved down with us and rewired for there new workshop.
a question was raised when the work had been completed as to why there was no emergency switches installed for the workshop machinery. in other words, why was there not 2-3 emergency switches throughout the workshop that can instantly kill all machinery. is this a requirement? I cant find anywhere in the standards that it says that is necessary.
I can understand having emergency stop switches for each individual machine but switches for the purpose of killing everything???

Apr 12 2019 19:59

Falls under the heading of 'nice to have"
rather than "required

Apr 12 2019 20:14

I think this is a requirement in schools & other locations where there's likely to be many people not well trained, or very large equipment that is likely to need to be stopped remotely. Not your average small machine shop.

But I think that's an MoE and potentially Worksafe thing, not a regs thing.

2.3.5 has the relevant information on how you do it, but is very vague on where it applies, unless you read it to apply everywhere.