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Posted By Topic: progressive jobs

Apr 12 2019 22:58

so often i'm rewiring a house etc over a period of days or longer and things are changed requiring certification. does it have to be done each and every day, each half day, every hour or at the conclusion of the job?

Apr 13 2019 07:15

There's no fixed timing.
What sets the timing is connection-to-supply.. "By the book", you must not connect anything until after you've certified on a CoC. Then after connection you have a time limit to issue an ESC.

So, to minimise how many CoCs you have to issue, you could leave everything not connected-to-supply until last day.
Then one CoC will cover the lot.

Note a CoC must say either the day the work was done or the period during which the work was done, and that could be weeks or mnths