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Posted By Topic: About to get registered

Apr 13 2019 12:06

Hey guys

Just looking for some general advice I am a domestic sparky about to get registered, what I wanted to know is what you registered guys do to keep up with regulations and make sure you are knowledgeable with regulations, I want to make sure I am doing a 100% good and correct job and just want advice to pretty much be the best I can be at my job


Apr 13 2019 16:35

Read the EWRB amd WorkSafe newsletters you can fget on the mailing list bt filling out the scription form on both websites.

Apr 13 2019 18:50

Sign up with Standards NZ for Touchstone, and updates on Electrical Standards.

Sign up with Recalls NZ for electrical product recalls-

Subscribe to ElectroLink Magazine

Apr 13 2019 19:35

and join a trade association

Apr 14 2019 08:32

What would be the best regulations to get familiar with?

Apr 14 2019 16:49

Sign up with EWRB first. They carry the standards set for electrical workers that your license fee pays for.

Apr 17 2019 08:10

Start by having a copy of the regulations, preferably in hard copy, with you on the job. If you can't afford to buy a copy then up your rate - this is essential stuff.They must be available at all times.

Then comes the hard part, REFER TO THEM REGULARLY. Wondering what the rules say about XYZ? Don't wonder, look it up and be certain. That covers you for the stuff you do regularly.

What about the things you don't do regularly? I follow this forum and several on Facebook. Regular sparks asking questions about all sorts of stuff. Sometimes I'm confident of the answer BUT can I back it up with a reference?

The best part of looking stuff up is that you get to see the context. The headline rules are easy to remember. The notes and exceptions are not so easy.

Good luck.

Apr 24 2019 06:10

All relevant standards are available for free to download on the EWRB website once you’re registered

I used to carry the physical books around but they are expensive (especially when an updated standard is issued).

Now i keep all the pdf files on my phone, if I need particular info I can open a pdf, search/find the keyword and I have the answer in about a minute.

Easiest way to maintain knowledge IMO