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Posted By Topic: Wiring external to building minimum size

Apr 13 2019 14:23

Someone said to me the other day something about cables that go outside of the building must be a minimum of 1.5mm²

Can anyone confirm this as I've never actually seen a rule relating to this and would love to have a read if there is or maybe it's something similar that's been miscommunicated


Apr 13 2019 16:16

When someone makes statements like this, ask them to give the reference regulation or standard clause, so that you double check what is being claimed.

I not aware of any such ruling in ESR 2010 or AS/NZS 3000.

Apr 13 2019 16:23

That's what I thought, I normally try and ask but sometimes I miss the chance

Also sometimes you ask where but you get the old, I cant tell you where but I know it and they don't budge haha

Thank you, was it likely in a past edition or somewhere else? Or just plain made up stuff?

Apr 13 2019 16:33

Someone was guessing, I have been in the electrical industry since 1958, and it has never been a requirement since that time.

Apr 15 2019 08:25

showing my age here 1961 regulations reg 152 (3)a TPS used as submains or laid in the ground the earth continuity conductor shall be stranded and min size of (3/0.036 in)and while were at it same reasoning for cables on catenary wires they have to have stranded wire as/nzs3000 3.13.1

Apr 15 2019 08:57

Which made sens back in days when TRS / TPS often had a single-strand PEC that was pitifully small.
Same reasons we require a minimum size of 2.5 mm2 for PECs not within a cable, and 4 mm2 for bonding . Also min size & stranding for connectable installation. It's about the wire being robust enough to last in the circumstances.