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Posted By Topic: Installing PDL141C flush boxes in concrete blocks

Apr 13 2019 18:20

Hey everyone ive got a job coming up where I have to install some power points and light switches in some concrete block walls using PDL141C concrete block flush boxes. Looking for some advice on the best way to cut the holes and mount them. I thought of using an angle grinder with a masonry blade to cut the long side and use a 5mm concrete drill bit to drill holes in the short side. The PDL141C flush box has taps that are bent out on the side I guess these are meant to hold it in place? or are you meant to use wall plugs and screws?. Any advice greatly appreciated.

Apr 13 2019 19:16

use your angle grinder for all four cuts
also buy a foam gun and foam around your boxes to stop the concrete when poured into the blocks from flowing out your sizable holes.

Apr 13 2019 19:39

Depends whether the blocks will be covered or not. If not, back to the old ways of drilling lots of holes and using a cold chisel.
Also whether they'll be filled; if not those tabs on the side may not be enough to hold them in place, and additional fastenings will be needed. If filled, the concrete will hold them well enough.

Apr 13 2019 22:42

I prefer the Clipsal 157 or equivalent plastic box. There’s a few variations. The plastic spring loaded clips hold it in place. I would mark around them and drill out then cold chisel if an existing wall. Or a wall chaser/ angle grinder if it’s going to be plastered or lined later.

Apr 14 2019 15:30

Thank you everyone