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Posted By Topic: Off The Shelf H&S Manual

Apr 14 2019 19:05

Anyone got any recommendations for an off the shelf H&S manual for a man in a van business?

Apr 14 2019 19:51

Off the shelf and H&S manual... you may as well not have one at all.

If you join Master Electricians they have a skeleton one that you can adapt but it really only provides a starting point.

Apr 14 2019 20:38

Site Safe have a pretty good one

Apr 16 2019 07:50

Where in the country are you? We use a H&S contractor who has good rates, and takes care of all of that for us (not only sorting out the initial H&S for us, but also keeping up with policy changes and implementation of them, which we'd otherwise miss)

Apr 16 2019 21:28

As Willj suggests use SiteSafe SSSP document free to download from Sitesafe website .just make sure you have a policy which is a statement of intent to provide a safe work environment as to HSWA 2015 and GWRM regulations signed and dated by PCBU officer (normally director /CEO). SOPs can be what you see reasonable to manage risk ....easy peasy

Apr 16 2019 23:00

So looking for NZ compliant setup, good thought using Sitesafe, we've been members for 10 years.

Had planned to sort out over Christmas but life got in the way. Good point Rob about the downside of an off the shelf plan.

But for a two person business, working only on our client's premises or sites, or sites where our clients are working as subbies, how far do you go?

Apr 17 2019 08:44

i've been through this grind a few times now.
under the old regime, there was a bit of an exemption from some parts for self-employed; but as soon as you pick up a client that has a 'system" you have to fit whatever "rules" their "system" demands.

Many of the so-called consultants and service providers had great systems of paperwork; but paperwork isn't enough - and who wants to spend their days filing in forms to keep the "system" running? As soon as the paperwork gets in the road of the actual work people will skip it.
Under current regime, there are no short cuts. Whatever 'skeleton" you have; you have to put the flesh on it. the risks you face are partly generic, but also partly specific to YOUR busuiness, YOUR workers, YOUR sit (even if that's just a van) and YOUR customers & their sites.

I know a firm who have their H&S job-checks on the staff's i=phones, and the data is linked back to the office into the job management. All done in-house, no expensive experts needed. But falls over if they're out of coverage.

So regardless of how - or even whether - you record it, the process of
- constantly improving hazard awareness;
- identifying hazards for EVERY job; and
- applying avoidance or mitigation for THAT job;
has to become what you do, EVERY day, for EVERY job. A consultant / service provider simply CANNOT do those bits for you.

Your "system", or most of it should also be in electronic format; so you can send it to prospective customers. Part of their H&S is to check their subbies' H&S.

I'd built a reasonably good system under the old rules, that several large customers were happy with. With new regime I've used the MasterElectricians framework.

I've also found a series of e-mailed free 'toolbox talks' you can sign up to; which is useful reading. Aimed mostly at construction sector; and issued by "Academy group":
Easy to copy the text and save it for later reference.

Bottom line is, when something goes wrong, Worksafe will have no problem finding a hook to hang you on. If nothing goes wrong, the only way they can get you is by finding you doing something silly as they drive past. So the aim is to do whatever you can to avoid something going wrong. That way the deficiencies in your record-keeping may never be dicovered.


Apr 17 2019 13:47

Among other duties of the PCBU one is to manage risk and another is to consult, co operate and co ordinate activities to manage risk. a robust workplace management plan will help achieve this.

Worksafe have a workplace management plan Safetyplus you can sign up too this will assist.

Just remember precise to the point, understandable planning for risk....hazard ID,risk assessment using the control hierarchy.

If you are a one man band use a daily site diary for job planning and risk, take note of engagement with other trades and shared information tool box talks, make note competencies for you and staff for activities undertaken.

Accident near miss reporting make notes in diary.

Hazardous substances inventory and information SDS info , keep inventory of amount and use of HS.

Have a tool and plant register, ie pre start inspection.

you do not have to fork out thousands of dollars for a glossy H&S system.
But you need to be measured, incase of investigation to accident / injury.

Just remember ignorance is not an option when it comes to managing risk, what is reasonably practicable and can be achieve, with information you know or ought to know about the hazard .