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Posted By Topic: PLC programming

Apr 15 2019 15:58

Does anyone recognize this brand of PLC and have the tools and know how to adjust the programming
Link to photo attached!AkQOPl7ywS4qoX6_d8tgJeWmf3YH

Apr 15 2019 17:15

Try Sigmatek

Apr 15 2019 23:47

CIV512 is just the remote I/O linking module - via Ethernet. The rest are digital I/O modules. No program stored in that photo.

CPU can be in another cabinet or could even be a PC or HMI.

Apr 16 2019 07:44

As stated, these are just I/O modules. The program will more than likely be password protected too, just a heads up.

Apr 16 2019 08:29

Yes Sigmatek are in Austria and cant help. I can get the password from the manufacturers in the Netherlands but need to have someone locally who understands the software.

Apr 16 2019 13:38

I'm not familiar with this brand but I have the spare time to look at it. However, I'm not particularly interested in travelling away from Christchurch. Where's local?


Apr 16 2019 13:42

sorry but the machines are in Auckland but thanks for the offer.

Apr 24 2019 11:26

I'm an automation engineer, happpy to have a look at it for you. Howevr, I'd suggest you tell the client to upgrade or replace the PLC to a more common brand e.g. Omron, Siemens, Rockwell or Schneider.. The IO cards look fairly standard, one analogue, few relay output and input cards.

Apr 24 2019 19:31

The client wont change the controller as they only need the machines to last for 2 more years when they will get new machines entirely. We have spare modules and control screen etc. Thanks for the offer and we can work out some details via email. My email address is