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Posted By Topic: LED lamps in ES lampholders not working

Apr 15 2019 18:17

Anyone heard about LED lamps not working in ES lampholders, tried with regular incandescent lamp and it worked fine in all 4 lampholders but LED only worked in 1 out of 3.

Apr 15 2019 20:09

sometimes the solder on the bottom pin is not large enough to make contact.

Apr 15 2019 20:23

that'd be it, on the old incandescent lamps the solder is more of a blob, LED lamps tend to have a perfect flat connection.

years of overtightening means the flat connection doesnt quite reach

Apr 15 2019 20:53

As above. I’ve done a few now where I clean them up and bend up a bit. I’ve used a brush from RS. 514-868 with insert 514-880 works well. Downside is they set you back $90. Upside Ive only had to purchase once in 25 years and only started on 2nd brass brush. Just sell extras to your mates