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Posted By Topic: Warning label on a wall oven

Jun 18 2019 21:12

Renovating a kitchen, replaced a free standing range with a hob and a wall oven. Did the cabling and comes time to install the oven and I see this label on the side.

Warning not to be connected integrally with another appliance on one final sub circuit.

I have used the existing feed for the range, installed two switches then ran out to each appliance.

There is nothing in the installation manual for the oven that says anything about this. I can find anything in 3000 that says you cannot do it the way I have.

Does anyone know why it would have that warning label? The oven is not integral to the circuit nor is it integral to the operation of the hob.

Can't upload the picture as its too large.


Jun 18 2019 22:24

Does the installation instructions include what size circuit protection to use? Most ovens rely on the circuit protection device to protect themselves.

Jun 19 2019 05:35

It says to fit a breaker in compliance with installation regulations. No rating is given

Jun 19 2019 07:17

Could it be to do with voltage drop under load?

I had a client complaining that every so often her oven would shut itself off leaving her roast half cooked. Turned out that her flash oven was particularly sensitive to dips in voltage. The mains into the property were undersized. Fortunately not my work.

Jun 19 2019 07:17

Sounds like a generic manufacturer's warning label that they put on appliances going to a multitude of different countries to protect themselves.
So long as you adhere to the relevant regulations and standards, you don't have to follow MI's until 3000:2018 is in place, which makes this compulsory.

Jun 19 2019 07:49

Could be to do with volt drop I will see if it drops out when starting other appliances.

But my thoughts were the same as MitchB's it is just a generic sticker.


Jun 19 2019 09:18

May I suggest that you all read ESR 2010 regulation 14A, the manufacturer's instruction requirement was in place before AS/NZS 3000:2018 was published, and of course it is part of the citation process.

Jun 19 2019 09:30

Pluto - I don't see that ESR14A makes it compulsory to follow MIs?

Jun 19 2019 10:11

It doesn't.
All it does is make it an offence if the MIs result in a less-than safe or non-compliant (with ESRs) installation.