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Posted By Topic: 2-Way Pushbutton dimmers

Jun 20 2019 22:10

Hi does anyone know of a brand that does 2-way pushbutton dimmers - needs to be able to work with just a strap wire preferably.

I’ve been trying with 600 series with no luck.

Trying to avoid the need for a seperate on/off switch that controls the dimmer which is the only way I can make it work with 600 series

Guys at russells just stare at me blankly but I’ve heard perhaps the iconic range possibly do one?


Jun 20 2019 22:25

Diginet, Iconic, Clipsal, Legrand..
I'm pretty sure they all do them.
Usually a master and as many slaves as you want.
Maybe time for a more helpful wholesaler first.

As usual, I see it's a slow process to try and look at the 600 series dimmer data from the PDL site - just doesn't load.
I'm not sure if they work as a 2 way.

Jun 20 2019 22:36

That's a no for 600 series

I have used iconic and legrand before and they both work well.
Legrand slave mechs dont have an led indicator.

Diginet are very good rotary dimmers, I've never used the push buttons but I assume they are the same

Jun 20 2019 22:39

I just read that link properly and it looks like you can use an iconic dimmer in conjunction with pushbutton 600 mechs. I assume you just bury the iconic dimmer in the wall.

Jun 23 2019 00:11

Thanks for your replies...investigated them all.

To me pdl iconic seems to be the most straight forward as per photo...looks like you can use 2 x universal dimmers to achieve it - wired a bit differently to your rotary 2-way though...

I was hoping there was an option that didn’t require a slave unit - hopefully this will satisfy my customer!


Jun 23 2019 17:50

I’m not sure of the brand however I recently put in some lights where a dimming driver was in the roof space and a twin run to the light switches to turn the lights on and off with an intermittent push button mec (600 series) and the lights would dim by holding in the button

Jun 25 2019 06:37

Think task lighting do drivers with that option Benji.

Client must have an led light on the dimmer though unfortunately - funny how people are so pedantic about things haha.....