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Posted By Topic: Permanent wired Appliance

Jun 24 2019 12:05

After repairing an Appliance eg 3 Phase electric motor, do I need to test the installationand and issue an ESC before reconnecting the appliance?

Jun 24 2019 12:34

Yes, after the work is complete.
Unless exempt under ESR 74B

Jul 29 2019 12:33

Hi, ESR 74 is for "Reconnecting low voltage installations on which no prescribed electrical work done" so does that still apply?

Jul 29 2019 13:13

That was ESR 74A, not ESR 74.

Appliances are excluded from the definition of 'electrical installation, therefore work on appliances does not need to be certified.
However if the appliance is disconnected from the installation, and then re-connected after repair, an ESC must be issued for the re-connection.

Jul 29 2019 13:14

Please specify where that quote came from.

A fixed wired appliance will count as a "part installation" at the point of appliance connection.

QUOTE: ESR 74(1)(a) This regulation applies to a low voltage installation or part installation that has been disconnected or isolated from a power supply;


Jul 29 2019 13:20

Oops, good point Alec.

QUOTE: ESR 74A (1AA) This regulation applies to prescribed electrical work on—
(a) an installation; or
(b) a part installation; or
(c) any fitting that supplies an installation or a part installation with electricity.


Jul 29 2019 13:59

My apologies, have just updated my version on the safety regulations.

Jul 29 2019 16:59

Item (c) was added a while back, to cover supply fuses - which are not part of the installation.