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Posted By Topic: Placement of Extractor Fans - to meet Fire Regs

Jun 26 2019 14:41

Hi, are there any restrictions on the placement of extractor fans under the Fire Regulations.
We are looking at having them installed in kitchens and bathrooms but dont know if they are any restrictions on where they can be placed.

Jun 26 2019 18:44

No restrictions AFAIK.

Jun 27 2019 08:25

Not even for an apartment block.

That sort of domestic level moisture-transfer ventilation is not a "specified system" under Building Act, and so doesn't get listed on Compliance Schedule.
Whereas a commercial kitchen extract system does.


Jun 27 2019 08:33

If it requires an IQP to design it and sign it off, there is likely to be. Otherwise, just adhere to electrical regs. There are the obvious building regs to ahere to also, i.e. don't cut out structural timber, or vent it straight into the ceiling cavity.

Jun 27 2019 21:06

Search for NZBC Clause G4 Ventilation. And read manufacturers instructions. Also pay attention to weatherproofing flashings, etc.

Jun 28 2019 12:57

Thank you to those who responded.
The housing is domestic rental units - single level.
My query is specifically about the ventilation required for Healthy Homes which we have to install and if anyone is aware of any restrictions on the placement of ventilation fans - ie have to be a certain distance from the ceiling.
The Fan itself has been confirmed as meeting the regulations - its just the placement. - Thank you !


Jun 28 2019 22:55

DougP, there are water zone restrictions to consider

Jun 29 2019 12:00

As Alec has said, they wouldn't form apart of a specified system on its own, however if there is a BWOF in place for the building (unlikely in this instance unless there is a triggering system i.e. a fire alarm system) then the ventilation could end up being listed on the BWOF and require SS9 12A certification, even though technically it shouldn't be on the schedule (I have plenty of examples of where this has happened).

Jun 29 2019 16:51

Agree; there can be a big difference between what the Act , Regs, & Code require (and is explained in the Compliance schedule handbook), and what some TLAs put on a CS because they simply don't understand either what is & isn't a specified system or how those SSs function.