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Posted By Topic: Spa pools

Jun 28 2019 18:54

Hard wired spa pool does it need an RCD

Jun 28 2019 19:43

Insufficient info.

read 6.3

Jun 28 2019 22:42

I say yes, a fixed wired spa pool requires an RCD.

Spa pools have a heater immersed in water. requires protection against voltage gradients that may occur due to breakdown of insulation in equipment in contact with water. There are three suggested methods for compliance. Of those, only adding RCD protection is practical for a spa pool. I can't imagine a more cost effective or practical method that would provide equivalent protection against voltage gradients.

Jun 29 2019 07:39

Agree with Mowgli. Even if it isn't mandated, it's a responsible step to take, in my opinion.

Jun 29 2019 09:44

what does the MI's state?