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Posted By Topic: Earthing of stainless stand, Haz GPO is mounted on

Jul 04 2019 11:51

Hi Guys,

I have a new installation where an Ex tD GPO is mounted on a stainless stand-off that is mounted on a concrete wall (rather large, about 600 x 900 high) and this standoff has a 50 x 150 slot cut in it for the cable to come through and terminate into the haz GPO... The electricians have not earthed the standoff and havent got mechanical protection on the cable or edging around the slot.

Question is, does this require to be earthed? Im saying it does but haven't really found a clause to say it does.

Thanks in advance

Jul 04 2019 12:11

Found it. Was look in "3000", found it in 60079.14 6.3.1