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Posted By Topic: Dead power point

Jul 22 2019 16:14

I did a new build last year and now 2 power points don't work I have talked the owner through the basics but I'm going to have to go and take a look. It is a major getting there including a ferry trip. I was thinking of getting a cable locator in case there is a break in the cable (the builder has been back), any suggestions. It will have to work through 300mm. There is no ceiling space it has a low roof.
Cheers .

Jul 22 2019 20:05

Not too sure how good you remember? Are there other power outlets past the non working ones? Have they tried different appliances in the non working ones? I have seen pins push in on plugs and no longer make contact. And the reverse. Pins pull out a bit and the insulation touch the contact in the outlet.
Also possibly faulty / cheap outlets. Also someone plugged in a damaged plug and bent the contacts in the outlets.
If on the same circuit possibly the breaker hasn’t dropped out when tripped.
These are all the things I’ve come by or heard of in the past

Jul 22 2019 20:28

As above , but add ants to the list.

Jul 23 2019 12:36

check the n and e are connected,that will help a little, also check for power from e to phase as it may be a nuetral. have a latte on the ferry, they always have good lattes.


Jul 23 2019 15:52

There are only 2 outlets on the circuit none of them work. It won’t be ants or similar and I’m sure that the socket work, they weren’t cheap they are Clipsal metal plate series.

Jul 23 2019 16:18

Get them to send you a photo of the switchboard. Did you get them to turn off then on the breakers? Also is that circuit on a separate phase by any chance?
Otherwise enjoy your trip😊

Jul 23 2019 19:13

Contract someone local to have a quick half-hour look? Depending on whether it's just because the place is nowhere, or you've moved away.

Vast majority of faults are at terminations as I'm sure you know.

Jul 26 2019 12:17

Thanks for the reply's guys.
I have done all that you have suggested bar getting someone else to look at the job. There is only the 2 pp on the circuit.
I am really after recommendations of a cable locator a bit like those tone generators you see in the wholesalers but maybe better/ more reliable and can pick up a cable in the roof space where the cable could be 300mm from the surface.

Jul 26 2019 12:35

the power points were going when you finished the build as you would have tested them, it's highly unlikely that there's a catastrophic failure somewhere along the cable path, unless an outside force has come into play, either way, cable locaters will struggle with 300mm from the surface, or at least the ones i've used.

Jul 26 2019 13:41

The sort used for locating u/g cables at depths over a meter should have no problems locating in a roofspace.

Jul 29 2019 18:55

My cheapass AliExpress toner will pick up at reasonable distances (>300mm)

Highly highly unusual for something like this to happen though. Presumably you can identify the cable out of the board that it *should* be, and all 3 conductors are open circuit?